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  • Lost Planet 3 - The Evolution Of The Game Screen
    Time: May. 5, 2016 From: SCDKey
    "Lost Planet 3" PC version and the players finally met. Prior to the release of a more detailed evaluation, so this version for the PC, the system no longer content of the game to do too much description. If the player who played Lost Planet 1 or 2 must have a clear picture of the performance on the PC version is much better than the motherboard. "Lost Planet," the first, although the age-old accompanied the birth of the era of the host during the works, but the PC version support DX10, while the second generation succession before the break on the screen did DX11. Let the players recognize what tessellation gives a qualitative picture of the evolution of the game.

    For the "Lost Planet 3" point of failure there are three main points. First, in addition to world view a little contact, the rest of the series and has little relationship. The second, who set too have problems, although a lot of games in Europe and America protagonists are relatively common, but use this as a little inappropriate, and some games for ordinary Japanese outsourcing, And Lost Planet 3 Steam CD-Key is obviously not suitable. Third, the overall style is not too prominent, although the game trying to give the player a feeling of Dead Space, but after all, we are not playing a terrorist monster, suddenly slow and bureaucratic process to prop up the game back. Before projecting the original style in this game is completely obliterated, before making the DMC to Europe, even if it is our face destabilize Europe and produced DMC, DMC did not put aside into their own souls but some on the basis of style and change.

    Board representation on the screen is good, although did not give us too amazing scenes, but for the use of Unreal 3, play is quite mature, the PC version of the board is relatively downright a transplant works, even transitions also with low resolution, but later released a high-resolution version, it would not restore the PC version of attitude. Although many of the PC version of the picture adjustment options set but everything is still at the top of the base DX9 and adjust the experience also has many imperfections, when the screen is adjusted to the maximum time, if we want to adjust the screen low, it is likely there is no change, then we can only re-enter the game exit from low to high adjustment Haonong, from high to low is very hard to understand.

    "Lost Planet 3" in optimization performance is acceptable, because some scenes seem motherboard sake lock directly to 30 frames, but not quite video game experience, and before the game, do not know if the game itself 64 bit system compatibility problems, two 64-bit computer SCDKey.com are not run game. Other effects on the screen quite satisfactory, especially where there are two interesting lighting effects, a static one dynamic and static when we transferred to the second-lowest, when the shadow of their own under their feet has gone.

    The dynamic lighting is mainly manifested in the light dimming performance in real-time licensing body performance. Crank up a lot of time with his back to the light source where basically dark, so sometimes you do not feel up to maximum best meet their own gaming habits. "Lost Planet 3" sequel without hanging the name is difficult to give the player a satisfactory answer, the first two processes that enrich experience and interact with the scene, in this for almost gone. The series flagship multiplayer mode, but better preserved.

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