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  • Hard West Demo Review
    Time: May. 3, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Today SCDKey.com give us "Hard West" Demo Review, as a turn-based strategy, so that players do not know whether it is worth spending money to buy Hard West Cd Key. The game is set in the American Wild West pioneer period, players will control up to four characters, fight against evil creatures, magic cult, evil spirits and demons. Each fast gunman has different special skills and strong even strokes. Games played Warren enters the darkest part of the human soul, to survive in the cold world. Hard West pioneering frontline very wild and in addition you have to confront lingering non-human monster, death is often happens.

    A bullet can solve the matter, never used a second bullet, "cowboy" as long as a bullet, and "Hard West" play the game is to annihilate all the enemies, because it is the turn of the reason, the battle will be a It requires protracted time. Because in release of Fallout 4, Assassin's Creed and Rise Of The Tomb Raider, may make the game most players ignore the part of the whole story of the game by a voice with subtitles to allow more players to better understand the whole story of the game story - a heavy and full of middle-aged male magnetism. Game BGM bring players the feeling was in favor of calm, while gunfire within the game will be particularly prominent. Thus, most of the time, players can perhaps hear loud gunfire, the game will be in addition to other sounds of gunfire in the performance done particularly prominent, so there is a normal feeling surprised.

    Details on "Hard West", the game BGM or sound kind of choice, or in favor of monotonous, although able to hear footsteps from the mobile character is a friendly setting, but in some other places, did not be considered. The course of the fighting game is intolerable, screams only enemy, even a group of enemies outside the house surrounded by only one person protagonist, does not appear the slightest sarcasm, quietly ending the battle is what you should do thing.

    The game is not over the field used in secular style of drawing, in the form of slides to tell the story. Discovery ambience look a little dark, but inside there is no graphics settings to adjust the gamma value after SCDKey.com officially entered the game. Although this looks set to graphics, it will be more comfortable and gentle, but is neither a horror game, but also the western type, with this ambience, somewhat out of tune.

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