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  • Half-Life 2: ACT 2 - Multiplayer Mode
    Time: Apr. 29, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Quick response, flexible and has an absolute advantage in speed - the speed of scouts will make you feel confused, you can scout the enemy did not have time before the reaction into the enemy lines, usually in the vanguard when the assault. You can also incredible when you jump to the air for the second jump. Many people like to take advantage of the speed advantage scout rushed in front of the enemy with a baseball bat or a shotgun headshot solve the problem.

    Soldier's rocket is a perfect weapon, bursts out of the feeling of four rounds believe that buying a Half-Life 2: Episode Two Steam CD-Key players have experience! You can also use this weapon rocket jumping arriving usually falters or not to place. Can act as the core of the offensive, defensive backbone, arms Legion is a fortress in absolute strength.

    Flame jet from soldiers equipped with weapons, he's definitely a melee of players and can act as a man in the corner of the female role, flamethrowers within a short distance can cause great harm, it is the most deadly in close combat arms.

    The Demoman should be a drunkard, otherwise how would the bottle but also when weapons? When the bomb expert, in particular, to deal with clusters of enemies, Demoman is definitely one of the biggest threats! Sticky bombs can also be used to set up the traffic lane, the enemy came, thud ...

    The Heavy is the highest value of life, the greatest strength, but slowest arms. The heavy, Gatling guns, and only he can carry over to the move. Strong support arms, if you want to control an area, then Heavies is your best choice. Coverage of large heavy machine guns at close range lethality amazing, if far from the case, the effect is very weak attack. But when the arms are very enjoyable, splashing water like a bullet out of the players enjoy the catharsis of bones violent emotions. And doctors with the best action, the best partner doctors.

    All kinds of wonderful device is not the role of The Engineer holding a gun all over the world to run, but he built out, this is a more complex combat units, individual combat is not the strongest, but there is much made out of engineering unique role. Construction equipment engineer:

    1. Sentry Gun is the best weapon of defense, three levels, the first level is a single-tube machine gun, the second stage is equipped with two Gatling guns, the third stage is the second stage on the basis of plus the rocket. Use this to think about defense, then who else can ever go?

    2. To recharge can teammates and add their own lives and ammunition, usually Sentry Gun built together to form a temporary base.

    3. Transfer the inlet and outlet can be achieved over time transmitted instantly from the inlet to the outlet, to achieve the purpose of rapid deployment of forces.

    The Medic is usually one of the busiest team, SCDKey.com think. On the battlefield can be heard everywhere is Call Medic voice. The Medic's primary responsibility is to ensure the health and life of the team staff, while also having the ability to attack. Usually in the team should be equipped with twelve 1--2 doctors, in attack and defense when it is very important, not The Medic team usually stays until the last.

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