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  • Notebook Collection Guide of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
    Time: Apr. 26, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Intel article in "Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" in a total of 46 for players to collect, collect all the items is completed, receive "Informant" 20 G and "Scout Leader" 35 G achievement. If for "Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" players have to complete one thousand into goal, bought Call Of Duty: after Modern Warfare 3 Steam CD-Key, do not miss these two difficulty is not high achievement.

    ACT1: Black Tuesday (Intel: 5)

    After the break-ins with teammates come before the house, and then identify the television, several grab hold kill enemies appear above. When the right hand side of the door to the right corner and looked into immediately, this can be found off the first Intel (1/46). Before Wall Street will soon come to the streets, the player will be in a shop with the enemy Rush, after using the grenade gun at the entrance of the enemy was almost clear, and go back down the stairs to showcase direction looked difficult to find Intel ( 2/46) is placed in display cabinet. After all the way to clear out the enemy occupy Wall street will follow teammates rounded out the financial center, to the left into a financial center when the reception center on the first floor walls around, Intel (3/46) is placed in water a small table in front of a blue wall.

    There is also a financial center stock a Intel, and it is in the vicinity of the next checkpoint, the checkpoint identified the distance, Intel (4/46) on the other side of the circular counter. All the way down the stairs to climb to the top floor of the building, next to the checkpoint process will encounter many of the enemy's attack, if still enough stock of grenades, you can close before the end of this you are finished using it. After appearing on the top floor kill the enemy, Intel (5/46) on the right to put on the table full of surveillance equipment.

    ACT1: Hunter Killer (Intel: 2)

    This collectable items position on the route must pass through, so the tips below should not be missed. When the player grab the line to break into the submarine waterproof box door, crew lounge, along the walkway to go in the end, Intel (6/46) in place on the second track cassette door table. SCDKey.com need to remind players that this second off Hunter Killer Intel Tibetan discharge location is hidden, it can be said is not entirely on the routes, so take some time to identify the location. First, players will come to the room, then down the stairs to kill a few enemies up from the left hand side of the stairs, the position facing the water box door to turn about 90 degrees to find the right hand forward passage, Finally, identify the relative positions of the distance to the destination 18 meters after, Intel (7/46) on the left hand side of the channel floor.

    ACT1: Personal Non Grata (Intel: 4)

    After triggering the drug insert body Soap event, players will be required to follow the troops to resist enemy attack. After the hall and down the stairs to the successful suppression of enemy resistance, difficult to find the right hand side of the hall there are arches, Intel (8/46) placed near the entrance of the wooden arches. Came to the street to find the right hand side of the white door, entered the room difficult to find Intel (9/46) in a small coffee table. This method of collecting items made very simple, followed by his teammates came to the basement of certain buildings, Intel (10/46) in the partners behind the drums. Finally, a collection of the relevant article in the tank after using a small player to go to plot evacuation point here, out of the building and walked toward the left-hand SLIDE, Intel (11/46) in the above SLIDE.

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