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  • How to Make Money in The Rise Of Venice
    Time: Apr. 22, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Rise of Venice is a trade-based strategy game, but fighting is still the focus of the game, players need to choose their favorite country to grow slowly for national weaknesses early game, in fact, there are some tips you can use, especially making money.

    After purchase Rise of Venice Steam CD-Key, players often choose least world population, the starting time will be April 1, 1450. Because of the small population, which represents the world of industry figures estimate is relatively small. If your goal is the acquisition of all the world's cities all industries, then you need to buy the advantages of digital will be relatively small. Moreover, in the absence of the church of the city, only 22 cities in general industry. For no church of the city, still need some development will reach the upper limit of 30 industries.

    Early in the game, many people choose to Zara and Koroni from the pottery sold Constantiople. This is indeed a very profitable activity. However, taking into account the future development (such as trade certificate price), SCDKey.com prefer Genoa League opened in several cities. Trade certificate prices in Genoa League through bribery in the neutral city will need to purchase. Mid-game, bribe money spent will be more, but the first priority if the alliance launched the city of Genoa, the price of five cities were only 6000,7500,9000,10500 and 12,000. Of course, after you get a promotion, some of these numbers will rise, but the priority Genoa won the league and the establishment of the warehouse is still very favorable. After all, in Genoa league reputation is very difficult to get 50-100%, before becoming governor without first opening Genoa League city, the late development of the game but will be slowed down.

    The only way to make money two ways: rent and production. Early in the game generally the main raw material production. However, SCDKey.com select only wood and adobe. Many people do not know that when a vacant house in the city, when 6 or higher, more producers will tear down the city's house every day. This situation will continue until the vacant house with the digital industry in five, the last remaining house or city. Of course, the purchase of the house, then it will be more expensive, but this may be too late to wait until after the buy. In this way the construction of the house, because the city will consume a lot of wood and adobe, so you can always sell at the highest price, after deducting the cost of production, each house took only about 7000 Compared to the last game late acquisition of a house in the city of 200,000, the amount of the difference is huge.

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