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  • How to Climb Tower in Mission 1 of Warhammer End Times Vermintide
    Time: Apr. 18, 2016 From: SCDKey
    "Warhammer End Times Vermintide" is many players' love. Today SCDKey.com for everyone to bring a player's sharing - Climbing tower skills in mission 1, I think it's very good, new players can learn from it.

    This part of the climbing tower is not difficult to play. The key is to keep HP - quickly moved to a safe point before the large number of enemies appears, then lock Packmaster and Poison Wind Globadier, a dwarf holding shields to block the monsters. Shield dwarves have 5 - 6 endurance, using Shield Bash just only have two.

    Security points. In the fast-moving security to the point, to make use of open rather than kill, to reduce the probability of operational errors, keep HP.

    1. Harbor upstairs, facing the entrance of the prison (many iron railings).

    2. Next room of The first book, across from the bullpen. We recommend clean enemies on the platform first,then directly jump into the security points down.

    3. The cellar, the first book of the curse. From the second security point, to abandon the bridge box, through the bridge to reach the cellar. This journey will be a great probability to have Rat Ogre and Stormvermin, so pay attention to time, promptly destroy the enemy.

    4. The second book, church. There are two ports into the church out of the cellar, choose the small one which has less enemies. Try to choose pushing than killing, move to the church door quickly. At this stage there will be a large number of enemies appear.

    5. Move barrel. The initial position to the left under the stairs. At this first defensive for some time to prevent the enemy on both sides appear to move barrel. A shield dwarves do not to move. Rhythm of this time basically, is moving a bucket and keep the defense some time, two teammates, a person responsible for throwing the barrel, a person responsible for moving the bucket. If not destroy the enemy, and his teammates lost bucket began to appear after a new enemy. Be careful not to have seen the enemy, and also to pick up the ground powder keg, early return to defensive point. The last three are to move those barrels, go door where defense.

    The square is recommended dwarf holding shields attract enemies and protect his teammates when they recover, and go around the periphery of the square. Players who bought Warhammer End Times Vermintide CD-Key will find that the Probability of appearing Rat Ogre and Stormvermin here is great. The next safe point away relatively more, each room can be defensive for some time, through the single-plank bridge can guarantee the basic customs clearance. In the final level, remove a person open organ, the rest of his teammates turn left on the bar in the squat horn good, and the last person to leave enough position to remain intact, and give priority to kill Poison Wind Globadier Ratling Gunner. When falling rocks smashed the floor, pay attention to the bottom of whether there gathered a large number of strange, such as pay attention to the direct jump, all the dead are inevitable.

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