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  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Powerful Enemy
    Time: Apr. 15, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Today, SCDKey.com see DICE to create a new movement as Mirror's Edge Catalyst announced five shots, learned information about the game of Monopoly Group conglomerate, intelligence content conglomerate of 13 companies in five home, each has a very large strength.

    Kruger Holding. Kruger Holding in security, weapons manufacturing and development of mineral resources. It is the largest Group within the conglomerate and most influential companies, Kruger Holding Group conglomerate in fourteen fiscal year report for ten years on top. Kruger is a subsidiary company in charge of the Cascadia home security work.

    Silvine Systems. Silvine Systems is the largest software and hardware manufacturers, due to the attention to detail and quality, making the company an advantage in the market has been, and with the advantage of the annexation of other competitors on the market. Silvine Systems involved in the manufacture of Kruger's project, to research and development of security surveillance systems, and supporting wearable devices and tablet computers.

    Callaghan Construction Corp. Callaghan Construction Corp is Cascadia's largest construction company, in cooperation with Bryson Motors car company closely, and in the construction, machinery and materials technology has a strong advantage. Using their own technology advantages, to create the ideal city.

    Maya Media Group, referred to MMG. MMG is Cascadia news and entertainment giant, controls the major domestic news media, sports stadiums and entertainment company, is a conglomerate Group publicity and powerful means to manipulate public opinion.

    Anansi Group. Anansi Group was originally established in order to fill gaps in other companies involved in the field, it has now developed into the largest commodity producers, production Cascadia residents of all daily necessities.

    These are among five intelligence conglomerate of 13 companies, we can see that our hero will have to face the enemy Fez is very powerful. How to overcome them, we must rely on the players after purchase Mirror's Edge Catalyst CD-Key to explore.

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst will be on sale May 24, landing PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

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