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  • Galactic Civilizations III Race Analysis
    Time: Apr. 11, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Compared to many award-winning Galactic Civilizations I and Galactic Civilizations II, the current progress of Galactic Civilizations III's advantage is screen and online multiplayer games. But traditional Galactic Civilizations is a big step forward from the general expansion begins. Such as Galactic Civilizations 2: Twilight of Arnor began to increase the uniqueness of the race, no longer as same as the various factions Civilizations series. While Galactic Civilizations III gameplay progress is not great, but to new players is still very good, so I think the players who have buy Galactic Civilizations III Steam CD-Key experienced can be felt it. Galactic Civilizations is characterized is moral systems, different races have different moral superiority.

    This time Galactic Civilizations add more story campaign, which is the most anticipated for a lot of old players. Many players may not read the story campaign, as Galactic Civilizations III storyline is the beginning of the liberation of the human fleet Arcean parent star, but can not be used in game, so new players can be difficult to understand. Today SCDKey.com will analysis all kinds of races for new players.

    Terran is one of the universe God according to their own way to create two descendants of the race, a strong diplomatic and spacecraft engines. In Galactic Civilizations III Terran already has the second strongest military and scientific and technological pioneer heritage, relying pioneer family shields to keep the planet Earth is not captured gold dren. Moral Alignment: Neutral.

    Altarian is another one of the universe God according to their own way to create two descendants of the race, is the sky blue background that looks like Elf race, strong scientific research. Terran allies, only the parent star is still resistance Drengin, all the other planets compromised. Moral Alignment: kind.

    Arcean, let the human race into the interstellar era, because all the planets including Arcean star including all compromised, it can not use the original Galactic Civilizations III, fighting strong. Human allies. Moral Alignment: Neutral.

    Drengin background is red, like a gorilla race. In the second generation use guile to become the strongest military power of the universe, including the human league defeat. Militarily strong, brutal slavery empire. Moral Alignment: Evil.

    Yor is a robot race Drengin allies. Industrial powerful. You do not need to race agriculture, pleasure facilities. Moral Alignment: Evil.

    Iconian Neanderthal is a dinosaur looks like white race, the pioneer family's successor, the powerful robotic technology. It is that they create their own Yor destroy people. Moral Alignment: kind.

    Thalan is the CG looks like green insect race, from the future to prevent the destruction of the universe race. In the future, access to science and technology pioneer Terran will go astray, and ultimately lead to the decline of the universe, Thalan, in order to prevent the matter back to the present. Science and technology and industry have a future, but not for now because it is the effect of variation of the energy of the universe. Moral Alignment: Neutral.

    The main race on these, as well as other races Torian, Krynn and Galactic Civilizations III new races (four eyes). There are also tens of thousands of years ago, ancient pioneer Race: Arnor (good) and terrorist overlord (evil).

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