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  • Dungeons 2 Review Of SCDKey.com
    Time: Apr. 8, 2016 From: SCDKey
    We often see in the game community, similar to the "most deserves to be remade" or "most anticipated sequel to" sort of inventory, and Dungeon Keeper no doubt that these two items are often mentioned. As early as twenty years ago, Bullfrog on the production of such a guard to let players play the devil's dungeon game, still so many old players to miss.

    But Dungeon Keeper OL failed to grasp the pulse of the times, EA recently used this IP on a mobile terminal within a purchase, the future of the IP after being frozen for years even more gloomy.

    Many vendors have been trying to restore the Bullfrog produced a miracle, but I do not know whether it is because of this play from the outset, the lack of competitiveness across time and space, no one has been able to achieve Bullfrog former glory. Realmforge Studios on a work actually tested some special games are played, but did not get a huge success. So, this time they changed the large ones, then directly to the Dungeon Keeper is duplicated. In addition, also we built a dungeon above the ground in the world, making the Dungeons 2 into two portions, the underground is naturally Dungeon Keeper, on the ground becomes a Warcraft 3. I believe that buying the Dungeons 2 Steam CD-Key players have such an experience.

    Dungeon Keeper game of imitation is in place, not only correspondence between the design of the structure, there are some details of the game is entirely deliberately caused players memories. Such as maps of the box, gold, design units and bird suspended in the air, the unit can be used to crawl and props big hand. We can even use this unique monster cursor to fan slap in the face, just like in 1997 as Dungeon Keeper. It is worth mentioning that, Realmforge Studios this has taken pains to explain the origin of a lot of the hand, that is, once the mighty devil in adults after a failed conquest, only left one hand.

    Dungeons 2 is Bullfrog's Dungeon Keeper series of imitation, but SCDKey.com think someone inherits this classic for fans is certainly a good thing, this is no longer necessary to place too much emphasis on whether orthodox. But it is also a Zhitaicaishu work, many of the original will not have more resources spent does not matter where, so Dungeons 2 does not go beyond the classic before, a new attempt is also made to appear grainy.

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