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  • F.E.A.R 3 Unfear Level Passing Guide
    Time: Apr. 7, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Because the graphics card issue has been missed before the game, from F.E.A.R: Extraction Point began to play, SCDKey.com can be considered an old player of F.E.A.R series, and feelings about this game Needless to say any more. Some say today SCDKey.com pass with attention.

    SCDKey.com complete Dreadnaught difficulty opening hours to about 6 hours, the last character Point Man grade 12 "super soldier", because it is linear level design, basically will not get lost, fear of getting lost friends need not worry. Dreadnaught most difficult feature is the enemy AI has been significantly improved, more flexible action, players can make use of bunker escape the bullets, while the enemy's bullets on the player the damage is also higher. But our hero can use their super powers to slow down time, due to the selection Dreadnought difficult, so this ability becomes extremely important. In the game process you will often encounter multiple enemies at the same time, in this case do not panic, the first time to open the super powers, killing one hit kill in an instant effect of slow motion, so you can eliminate most of the enemy.

    A fighter within the game called the flow of the game is to kill the biggest, but because of the difficulty of selecting Dreadnought, the enemy attack is very powerful, with a lot, it is easy to damage our armor. But be careful that our armor will repair itself, where the requirements of players in the mech closed when the countdown to quickly evacuate, for Mech repair time. But once inside the armor to face off the enemy soldiers attack, so while there are enemy soldiers and mecha scenes to give priority to the eradication of the enemy soldiers.

    The game in addition to ordinary soldiers, commanders and phase Summoner, who can summon infinite summon soldiers, preference is eliminated. SCDKey.com find a feature that is After summoning the soldiers quickly went into hiding after a bunker, then exposed head was observed, which will undoubtedly bring great opportunities for Strike SCDKey.com. The ability to phase through the commander is in the scene. Especially in Chapter VII, while there are two commanders, it is difficult to deal with. Here SCDKey.com recommended weapon combination ATC shields, shotguns and shock bombs, careful not to be his last to explode from.

    Monster game were infidels and werewolves are two kinds of pagan third, appeared well-developed motor nerve, often jumping in the scene, then we should take full advantage of the scene with super powers deal, with the shovel kicking action combination, destroy the enemy in motion, we can pay attention to the eradication of priority blew infidels. Werewolf appear late in the game, high attack power, SCDKey.com recommended shotgun and super bombers kill capability.

    These are alike SCDKey.com of concern was the hope of the initial contact with the game and want to Dreadnaught difficult challenge game my friends some help. In fact, the game there are more things to explore, on the other players after purchase F.E.A.R 3 Steam CD-Key to discover it!

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