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  • Overwatch Second Animation - Widowmaker Successful Assassination
    Time: Apr. 6, 2016 From: SCDKey
    "Overwatch" second animated "Alive" April 4 has been released, the story of the assassination of the robot master Meng Data Widowmaker stories, interspersed Tracer play points. Compared to bear extra responsibility begins with the animated series "Recall" is concerned, "Alive" is much more compact and concentrated - Widowmaker presented first as the top killer instinct, followed by her intelligent perspective drawn crisis in the background. Overwatch Origins Edition Battle.net CD Key (Pre-Order) is now in SCDKey.com website selling and want to advance to experience the game players can buy to try.

    Widowmaker will no doubt become the game's high popularity roles (especially male players will understand). In this animation Blizzard has done a lot of bother to portray some details worthy of scrutiny. In fact Meng Data was almost escaped assassination, but also into a loser Tracer Tracer, Widowmaker first secondary sniper, if not the Tracer arrived, the Meng Data had fallen down on the podium. Meng Data on the last moment only one step on the car (the car after our first default security), wound up in the ceiling battle Tracer and Widowmaker, Widowmaker Tracer successfully delayed the action, but it is bad throw that in Tracer "time bomb" in the middle off the hook marksmanship accurate Widowmaker, not only did not explode to the other side let themselves blown ...

    From the scene point of view, Tracer if not throwing bombs just stand there for a few minutes to talk to accompany Widowmaker, Meng Data master on the bus to leave. However, a ceiling explosion, Tracer blown, attracted people in the square watching all have - Meng Data then do what? He stopped, looked back! At this surprising flaws! In this case Tracer which already does not matter, because Widowmaker as a top killer, how this critical opportunity missed?

    However Widowmaker powerful place more than that. Tracer interfere with the upper surface of the successful assassination Widowmaker, but Tracer lose consciousness. Not to say Tracer fighting consciousness bad, but too weak Tracer killer consciousness. Widowmaker's goal is to clear the extreme, her every move, kill Meng Data is to achieve the purpose.

    SCDKey.com thinks that this animation for Widowmaker shape is very successful, a cold-blooded, efficient, excellent vivid image of the killer. Widowmaker on the roof was Tracer pressing that smile, and very last line echoes. Began to say, I think that spiders are cold-blooded, but Widowmaker know that is not the case, because she was such a spider, "at the moment of killing her as Alive".

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