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  • Hunted: The Demon's Forge Review
    Time: Apr. 1, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Caddoc and mercenaries Elara order to investigate the mystery of the disappearance of innocent civilians and deep dark world of Kala Moor, also found that "the devil melting pot" of the mystery. The protagonist as dual mode, the heroine is a long-range combat experts, good at using a bow. Actor master of close combat, will use his sword to dismember enemies. This will be brought about as God of War-like dripping fun fighting with the high level of interaction scenarios, such as a large stone down, triggering a chain reaction that rock pile rolled the enemy buried. Meanwhile the film version will be inserted in the cutscenes.

    After making the game based on Unreal Engine, so the majority of players to buy Hunted The Demon's Forge Steam CD-Key will find, is no stranger to the game screen, with other traditional games like Unreal Engine, the game's commendable that gives a very atmospheric opening It is feeling, really like watching an epic film in general, but after entering the game do not think so, and that is an imitation of the male, although Kratos, but there is no complete gas Overlord feeling!

    Vocal no big problem on the sound, because the protagonist is a dual mode, the way you will hear the other main roles and tasks as well as your conversation tips, while in combat, water, collapse, fire, etc. are doing a norm there are like. The only enough to force archery may sound right, feel no texture.

    Games operations to take a formula used in WSAD + mouse, of course, you can also play with the handle handle, in fact, this game because of the archery range attacks, it feels more like playing with TPS. Although the game is to take men and women lead double mode, but not as Double Star Story that can switch at any time, need to be switched in a particular location, but the game's "Z" key automatic wayfinding systems had to immediately think of Persia monkey SCDKey.com 4, really like it!

    Double this for very stressed collaboration, Caddoc and Elara always fought side by side, you can by online mode with online friends to break through the barrier, can also be the next line of the two games, you can always join and quit fighting. When friends quit, will be controlled by the partners fighting AI, checkpoints set up in the game can replace the control role. Since the enemy will use long-range magic attacks, so players like to hide behind the bunker, and gradually move forward as War Machine. You can use the Elara "Frostbolt" and avoid enemy magic attacks. Elara Caddoc also can strengthen the combat effectiveness of assisted magic.

    As an RPG, certainly not less RPG elements, such as upgrading the role. In the process of exploring the maze can be collected from the bodies of the enemy to the magic crystal, it will be used to enhance the magic and combat effectiveness. Capacity upgrades with a classic skill tree system. Games also have to defeat the enemy to obtain crystal, and then the exchange of special skills. While the game also has some elements of the decryption.

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