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  • Legend of Kay Anniversary Game Reviews
    Time: Mar. 31, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Legend of Kay Anniversary in 2005 landed a PS2 platform action game, I believe that many players have bought Legend of Kay Anniversary Steam CD-Key to experience it. In addition to regular checkpoints, which combines elements of puzzle, collect, etc., because there are very many episodes set Chinese style and loved by players, such as the role cheongsam dress waistcoat, antique-style architecture, folk music style BGM, and then Kay added that the hero of a Chinese martial arts and so on...

    Eastern Europe and Asia to play a game of color and animation, now it seems the work has appeared a few, and in this game and animation, the players can stand on the Western point of view, to see their eyes oriental flavor . Legend of Kay Anniversary Chinese wind element is such a game full of action. It is somewhat similar in color Kung Fu Panda, the game also will be a very rich Chinese archaic costumes, music, martial arts color. If the players feel curious element of Chinese feel warm, then a look at Kay kitten legend of the road together!

    If you've seen ever in the country swept the box office animated film Kung Fu Panda, then the foreigners in the eyes of the Chinese style of color rendering, certainly have a general impression. Legend of Kay Anniversary of the game on the same screen for the players described a Mountain among the small villages. In the village school of martial arts as one among cats orphans Kay, and Zhang Mei, a long beard and assign attributes alcoholics old master like. These very representative plot elements and is also believed that foreigners who are interested in the color of the Chinese vision of things. In the game in the eyes of the antiquity of the building, a jar filled with a variety of props, characters dress and so is able to make a genius out of sight which are dressed in Chinese style things. I noticed the game in attacking Kay's sword style hands, really the real deal "in the" Fan full.

    In the story of the game over time, using the comic pages of a book of forms. With color animation on the game itself, very fit, so that the whole game plot development of complete and smooth. The voice of game characters occupy a large part of the game, the game basically every NPC has its own read white. Plus a variety of dialogue on the story seem very large proportion, into the dialogue, you can not fast forward, can not be skipped, it is affecting the progress of the game. On the game's music in order to highlight the color of the East, but also uses some familiar Chinese instrument, the erhu is a random one will be able to find one of them. Whether the village or the battle BGM are very Chinese color.

    In Legend of Kay Anniversary SCDKey.com find a lot of the elements of the game, in which players can experience the puzzle collection, so a series of adventure gameplay. The process of carrying out the task, the player may need to follow the prompts given by the NPC to find some things that must be adopted here, in the process of dialogue with other NPC's triggered task can get some extra rare reward. Or the player to climb in the game scene jumping through obstacles on some roads appear. Or you need to play some of this, such as riding a wild boar interesting but difficult game and so on.

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