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  • Total War: Attila Shield Mechanism Comments
    Time: Mar. 30, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Players who bought Total War: Attila Steam CD-Key will find, we often wondering what the role and mechanism of defense shield? Today SCDKey.com will make a Total War: Attila shield mechanism analysis for the players, I think it will help you.

    By observing SCDKey.com discovery shield block, there are two one is subjected to the action (direct block), one is transferred (frame open attack), and further observation to make SCDKey.com that the former corresponds to the shield armor, the latter is a corresponding shield defense.

    If so, then the mechanism of armor is not proportional reduction normal damage, but with the same melee defense - the probability of injury-free, the only difference is that the defense is free, but only armor Free normal damage.

    This allows SCDKey.com think Dark Soul, a small shield is used to ward off the anti-bomb, and large shield is Yingkang injury. In fact, if you observe shield armor and shield defense relationship you will find a small shields tend to have a higher defense shield, but the armor is very low, a large shield opposite.

    Small shield on behalf of the unit is tagmata, armor shields only 5, but the defense shield was as high as 30 after the junction array of skills can even start to 60. The more typical of a large shield - Persian Immortal, 0 shield defense (after junction array 15), 50 armor shield.

    So, SCDKey.com armor indicates that the concept is actually similar to the "armor coverage" (Shield Armor naturally, is the size of the shield), and the "armor strength" were incorporated into the HP measure. Shield damage to the unit acting on the front and on the left side, holding the shield posture just textures, with a shield archers have been carrying a shield, but the defense shield is still acting on the front.

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