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  • Classic and Sneak Into The Assassination - Hitman: Blood Money
    Time: Mar. 24, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Violence has been a series of works in Europe and America have a high influence, but had plenty of bloody violence and no rich story or innovative features of the game works now been sardonically, replaced by players who sneak into the assassination of popular action game . In addition to the widely known outside of Splinter Cell, the game industry is also highly popular Hitman series called such games in classics. The unique design game has really opened up a new idea killer games. Hitman: Blood Money has been officially launched, the game in the story, and many other aspects of screen effects can go beyond its predecessor, see SCDKey.com game evaluation.

    From the wonderful opening animation we can roughly understand the background of the content of the story. A young boy died in an accident at some time in the playground accident a year ago, and the court ruled that the owner of the playground without taking too much liability, just shuttered. But the truth of the matter is not so simple, suffered bereavement father contacted Bald Hitman pursue the matter. In the demo players will the level ventured alone into, uncovered behind the whole incident.

    In previous generations the works, after the end of each task, the system will be evaluated to complete the task, based on performance given clearance "Hitman" and several titles. In this the Hitman: Blood Money in the system has been improved, in addition to the continuation of the "evaluation", the game also added a "money system" and "notoriety system." Games are not aired brutal acts of violence, and to promote cross-dressing sneak into the assassination of the main tone for the game, and the goal of eliminating the use of the many ways high degree of freedom as the basic features.

    The game screen to make the qualitative leap undoubtedly become the focus as much attention. Hitman: Blood Money Glacier using a unique graphics engine supports the latest Shader Model3.X, normal mapping, self-shadowing and highlighting edge technology in order to enhance the effect of light and shadow aspects of this as adding Bloom effect, making the scene look more soft, light show and more rationalization, in fact, this pale yellow tone picture of the game and we have been very common. The effect of the water in the game has also been very real performance.

    Buy Hitman: Blood Money Steam CD Key players will find the game scene building layout is reasonable, not simply a room indirect one, and hall, corridor, next to the well-proportioned rooms. The work is based on the theme of assassinations, weapons appearing in the game is also very rich, only a demo level players can already use five or more weapons and assassination. Weapon model doing very fine, rich in detail, as the game can easily replace the converted plug, plug-in detail whether or not in the process of firing the gun movements are mechanical performance is perfect, but as players also choose to use a sniper rifle You can change the game and change aiming ammunition visual expression.

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