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  • Escape Dead Island Drama Resolve
    Time: Mar. 23, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Escape Dead Island excellent story writers naturally learn from other works of reason in it, here to share under SCDKey.com summary of the plot details and analysis, hoping to help you better understand the work.

    1. The game draws a lot of games, in which elements of the film, the breakdown under SCDKey.com know.

    Episode entire logical imitate Triangle.

    Beginning of the game with a huge sound of fallen trees start to imitate Lost smoke.

    Game hatch imitate Lost.

    Sneak into the assassination imitate Splinter Cell series of games.

    Dead set to mimic the last of us, such as a runner, listen to the sound, as well as actions such as the assassination of settings.

    Crazy free to change aspects of space imitate Alan Wake.

    2. Details of the analysis.

    Death Mechanism:

    Protagonist hung up on the headache and then return to storage points. Although the setting is reborn, but this is in itself imply that this is not the real world.

    Fantasy Style:

    A. Players who purchased Escape Dead Island Steam CD-Key will find the beginning of the game is to hit the end of the game protagonist suitcase thrown out, which means that the cycle begins again;

    B. Put the protagonist of two weeks project is one week ending mesh dress, but also in the boat gave a samurai sword. So the black man will say: ninja, captains and 2b. Game 1 weekend I did not move, after 2 weeks to get the ninja sword saying only reasonable.

    C. The first major task of the game from the cave drilled beach bars come and go, and then paid the task to return to the cave suddenly found a hindrance to destroy branches. Play here I feel that the world is not normal.

    D. The second major task is completed, the sky falling container. At first I thought it was falling transport, then a look at a wide range of fixed and drop locations. I faint, this really sure this is not the real world.

    E. After the completion of the task protagonist, wakes up every nameless, always two twenty-one.

    F. There have been fantasy game walkie-talkie conversation.

    G. the organization name is the game's villain CEO, is also the CEO of the abbreviation.

    H. down from the heavens of the container is a symbol of the actions of his father's devastating. Because the container is for the name of group of companies. Not to mention the name of the organization villain.

    Game Analysis:

    Can know from the game, the protagonist's father is a Group CEO, because the main character in itself does not make progress, so his father handed over the group to his sister inherited. He knew after a heavy blow, in order to prove his worth to the sea journey, with his two friends out to sea. Results of an accident, the vessel exploded, only he survived. Accident time is two twenty-one. It not only allows his brain has been severely affected, and more to make the world know that he is a waste, completely cut off the road to inherit the Group CEO.

    His nervous breakdown, in order to protect the brain itself is not completely collapsed, so we concocted a dream to meet the aspirations of the protagonist. Before the protagonist played Dead Islandthe last of usSplinter CellAlan Wake, watched Lost, so the illusion is fabricated from these elements to the composition. Dream is to do the whole story savior, rescue friends, to get the antidote, solve the mystery and save the world, in fact, the ultimate goal is to prove himself to his father, hoping to get his father affirmed. In the end game, the protagonist also realize that this is a dream world, but also aware of her own reality, which is lying in a hospital in a vegetative state.

    Stay in the dream, he was all-powerful savior. But without dreams, he will continue as the mental disorders of scrap wood. In the end, the protagonist is afraid to face reality, still continue to stay in the dream cycle.

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