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  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Details
    Time: Mar. 22, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Wolfenstein: The Old Blood will be available this May 5 meeting with the players. This Wolfenstein: The Old Blood historical background Back around 1940, during World War II again. So as to keep up with this generation Wolfenstein : The New Order What's new compared to what? Recent producers Machine Games chief producer Jerk Gustafsson to introduce a bit Wolfenstein: The Old Blood in the new changes. Jerk said: "a first important change is the visual expression of a first-person perspective of better, as you can clearly experience in the game, followed by details of the performance of the force of our environment and render the scene more. strong, whether it is in or on the host PC .Wolfenstein: the Old Blood battle will be more varied, more and more powerful enemies. "

    As a FPS game, weapons and certainly of concern to everyone. Jerk weapon when it comes to new entrants, said: "This time we added a lot of new weapons, of course, some people love to use and we added came in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Steam CD-Key Pre-Order years, such as improved assault rifle, a knife. some pistols, etc. assault rifle this time we do a lot to improve, shooting up faster, especially when you dual wield when shooting a sense of super cool! "" also added some new weapons, such as a new melee weapon 'pipes ', both in the level of customs clearance can also be used with dry enemy. we have also added a new super power, quickly shooting shotguns, players can also upgrade it a sight. there is also a new strength weapons, Kampfpistole. "

    Commenting on the newly added enemy, Jerk, he said: "This time there will be some very powerful sniper some holding semi-automatic shotgun heavy armor and weaponry, as well as some of the different shapes of super soldiers and we have added new UAVs. many other new enemies that time to the game players can look at the "plot, this Wolfenstein: the Old Blood story has two story lines:". Rudi Jager and Castle Wolfenstein "and" Helga Von Schabbs darkness secret". And the two story line is the intersection of the total story line make them together.

    Timeline Jerk mentioned this time occurred in 1946, it will be the prequel to Wolfenstein : The New Order of. And there will be a Wolfenstein : The New Order of the supporting role to join, but who specifically Jerk do not want spoilers. In addition to these, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a completely new story. Jerk also talked about a very interesting point, the operation will have a lot to Wolfenstein: The Old Blood tribute series before things: the secret treasure, dog food, difficulty settings and so on. Jerk said they Wolfenstein: The Old Blood series with great respect, the series players will love it. His personal favorite is 2001's Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

    Finally Jerk also talked about them to SCDKey.com in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood in giving players a very varied combat environments, the need for players in the battle scene to the rational use of the enemy. While the fighting part of the game and sneak their part made the greatest balance, in order to allow players to experience the game better. Looked so much more than Wolfenstein: The Old Blood of the new changes, enough to appear the producers spent a lot of thought to build the game. I believe that time Wolfenstein: The Old Blood will give players a refreshing stimulus "Wolfenstein battle."

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