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  • Doom New Props Open New Ways Warpath
    Time: Mar. 21, 2016 From: SCDKey
    By the Bethesda Softworks Release Doom 4Xbox One / PS4 / PC, scheduled May 13 launch, and new multiplayer gameplay "Warpath" and new props "Hack Modules" finally has disclosed information!

    The latest fourth paragraph remains as Doom FPS shooting game, players need to use high-tech armor and carrying guns to destroy the devil strong future in the next world. This for multiplayer gameplay speed straightforward, no sniper hiding or design, it is a very simple crazy shooter. The multiplayer aspect of the play, there will be a new model of "Warpath", this play is similar to the style of King of the Hill, but the difference is occupied point clearly marked circle around the map.

    On the other hand, the enemy will be moved in the opposite path, so players must decide to direct toward the devil, set in occupied near or defense, or plunder, or walking around and looking for the enemy. As for the "Hack Modules" is obtained in a disposable props in the game, it can only be used once, but the more the play took more you've got, but props is not trading with others. Players who love the game can be purchased very cheap Doom Steam CD Key at www.scdkey.com

    "Hack Modules" have different functions, including the timer display Hack Modules rebirth time, punish display kill your last position and strength of the players, scouts show all the enemy positions, the life blood strip symbol appears in the enemy's head, the ability to show nearby mining energy location. This scheduled for May 13 launch.

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