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  • Civilization V Analytical Thinking
    Time: Mar. 21, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Civilization V is a very difficult game to get started, because the game elements are very complex, the novice level of God over even more difficult. Do not worry, give us the following SCDKey.com Civilization V is the main science and technology through a comprehensive analysis of the idea of ​​God. I do not know how God-class players, with SCDKey.com with a look.

    FIG non Island, the mainland have, whether the oceans are, standard map, eight players, or a large map, 12 players. Large map not played too hard, did not learn to play Island map, opened a bureau, feel good start island FIG bored, and I hit the map is a map that comes with the game and match the actual region, this is a personal hobby . Players are advised to be familiar with the basic operation of the game directly after entering the difficulty level of God, because the low difficulty level lessons learned mostly ineffective in God, of course, if that entertain, what difficulty all happy.

    Civilization 5 is a game about the inputs and outputs. Game 1 began migrants, 1 stick, research on the single digits, and later in dozens of cities, there are two or three thousand scientific research, all of these results is the continuous investment. Each of us to make a choice, to be calculated good input and output, choose the best to gain a competitive advantage. For example: we choose to make a small bow, then this little bow to the siege, Ye Qing, picking sites, defense, etc. are output. So, if you made the soldiers, but not combat, and that output is relatively small, and even loss. Since it is a civilization, of course, the game is the core of the population, there is capacity, faith, culture, scientific research, there is wealth. In fact, this game can have a lot of understanding, in short, any decisions are based on the player's understanding of it, if the player's decision victory to reach the goal, the player's understanding is correct.

    Players purchase Civilization V Gods and Kings DLC Steam CD-Key will find, AI basically only by putting the spacecraft victory, the victory of the other ways I have never seen. So players must pay attention to science and technology in the whole process faster, and think of ways to exterminate it or weaken it. Throughout the process, each and AI is war or peace, to select the next target and so are the strategic inflection point, we must grasp the overall situation, take full account, for example: the pace of development of AI, AI is characterized by particularly UU, AI terrain , AI and AI players, and other layouts, AI and diplomatic relations with other AI and so on. Global consider a good decision to do otherwise, a decision-making mistakes, serious is the loser, is not severely affect the speed of the victory.

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