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  • Epic Rune of Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor Introduction
    Time: Mar. 17, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor is a dark style of The Lord of the Rings series of games, players who buyed Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor Steam CD-Key will later find themselves called Talion will play a Ranger, he was loved Soren killed, committed suicide after obtaining the undead forces, began searching for its legions of Sauron revenge. Today, as we bring the players to share epic brush Rune Raiders experience and skills.

    1. Go to the beginning of the war trials test of wisdom.

    2. Casually looking for a war chiefs following the leader. He will move to the younger (PS: and war chiefs attached to a blue line on his younger brother, the red line is attached to the hostile).

    3. Control brother all use of death threats against war chiefs, and pick a few soldier using death threats against the bosses (PS: War Chiefs must be a leader in order to use the threat of death, then leader, just a soldier can).

    4. Control brother to challenge his war chiefs, so that you can directly to the war chiefs and his younger brother out all about fighting, do first rather than war and war chiefs of mission chiefs to appear (PS: War and other chiefs following the leader war chiefs can directly challenge the war chiefs, other princes must be added to the war chiefs brother do the following in order to challenge his boss).

    5. Your brother become war chiefs directly after challenge other war chiefs (your brother and other war chiefs battle must kill war chiefs for killing war chiefs, chiefs under the younger brother will be automatically promoted to the Emirates, then you put in the promotion chiefs to kill, and so on).

    Summary: Give the leader of death threats, and stared chiefs killed.

    Basically According to this method, a down brush 10 can be epic runes.

    SCDKey.com Simply put: a lot of strange, first with a knife, Charge good batter, two fire arrows down, because with the bow "Firestorm" Rune, died at a large mobs, of course, Shadow can batter to clear mobs, for boss, also a first-come, first serve Firebolt with the "wizard of anger" runes, as long as the boss is no longer under attack, many boss can burn (attack will interrupt the combustion) , not when the blood elves with bows and batter with good Charge Rune "Ms. taste," "reckless hatred" "forage" instant return to the good blood elves and bows, then this game would have turned into Turkey the Warriors.

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