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  • Lost Planet 3 Detailed Evaluation: Shooting Steering For RPG
    Time: Mar. 10, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Protagonist in armor, armed with heavy weapons fire, alone, walking through the rampant monster snowstorm covered the plain light or dark, depressing cave, monster roar came around from time to time and footsteps...If you think you are still play Dead Space 3, it would be wrong, this time into a Lost Planet 3. Players buy Lost Planet 3 Steam CD-Key later will find armor, snowstorm, struggling protagonist, these three elements form the core of the essence of LP3. The first game in the series and the players certainly works successfully, the second generation was the level design and operation feel destroyed after the launch of the third production team in Europe again Spark studio repackaging under.

    Let me talk about this studio Spark, its well-born, with Infinity Ward is the same as the Medal of Honor from EA independent production group company, has produced a Call of Duty (Call of Duty first generation of information articles, landing PS2 and Xbox platform), but as the score, reputation, sales are in the call of Duty series in the bottom position.

    Later produced a Turning point, Legend of Pandora are two more sales regardless of reputation or bad game, then almost bankrupt. Only subsistence financing through Kickstarter network while making a few games to sample a big game publishers sell, hoping to turn over. Unreal 3 engine production in which a third-person shooter DEMO stuck prostitute fancy, then get a card bitch funds to support corporate restructuring began making Lost Planet 3.

    Through hours of gaming experience, we could not see out of the company in the production of ideas and technology strength indeed largely lacking. Lost Planet series has always been readily combat experience and process-based, although the first generation is Dodo suddenly Contra-style fighting, into a strange level II system, but in this as in the core game mode again big change, become a "base for the next task - to go out to complete the task - to continue to take the task back to base with tasks - cycle" and "monster hunter" mode, rhythm procrastination, long and boring task has nothing new, very boring.

    And the game scenes monotonous, not fog, the vast snowy plains terrain is narrow, the atmosphere strange cave, maps identify low, high repetition, different plain cave almost no great difference, so players could not help but think in the same a place constantly circling.

    The plot has no highlights. Of course, the game is not nothing, feel very good shot, driving UTILITY RIG drilling dead monster feeling cool. Operational aspects of war machines and draws Dead Space 3, is not smaller than the second-generation operation progress.

    Overall, Lost Planet 3 is not really a great masterpiece, but for those who like to heighten the atmosphere hardcore shooter lovers, SCDKey.com think it is worth playing, but first you have to hold back lengthy procrastination Conversations the next task to run the map in the process...

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