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  • Divinity Original Sin Thieves Culture Add Review
    Time: Mar. 4, 2016 From: SCDKey
    In the professional Divinity Original Sin, the thief is a very special job. Many thieves players in the purchase of Divinity Original Sin Steam CD-Key, immediate goal is to excel at high-sensitivity, high-speed, high-lucky, full of toxic fire resistant, hand cruel prefix enchant gas element plus dark attribute magic dagger assassin. Today SCDKey.com to analyze how to train thieves.

    Agility: one out to 8, in order to ensure 100% success skills villain. The highest degree of difficulty, the latter needs to be filled.

    Speed: The main plus of the previous stage.

    Perception: The original line 6, 7 or 8 to rely on equipment.

    Intelligence: Early first add 1 point to 6, 8 and then rely on equipment to ensure the magic 100% success.

    Physique: Early matter by equipment, where appropriate, the mid-late this plus all the remaining points.

    Stealth: nirvana. Priority to be the fastest skills 5 points themselves, a little character, two equipment, to get to 5.

    Lucky: The second skill to be 5 as soon as possible, and then the priority points to the skill of their own 5. Late maintained at 7 or 8. The rates do not say open treasure, lucky affect three main values, is a hit, and second crit rate, the third is enchanted weapon trigger rate 5 points or more lucky, you can say knife trigger.

    Dark: a little book, tasks that themselves little by little, these three points is enough pre, post point over.

    Strength: itself point at least, to the anti-down, non-essential, do not worry.

    Sagittarius: 1 point, a few very good skills.

    Villains: Minimum 1, other look like, whatever.

    Single-handed: not recommended adding a point out of it can be removed, starting as soon as darkness.

    Unlock: 1 itself, equipped with two, and then they can not get cut.

    Theft: without.

    Magic skills: those who want to see their magic and decided in the late thing, do not walk.

    Forging process: to Jahan, enough to 5:00, more useless.

    Learned: do not learn a little, thanks to the store.

    Leadership: do not study, by Kerry and Mary, you can learn how much science, how high can you tall. Nirvana.

    Equipped to fire venom-based, to be filled at seven, two brushes Bao places must pay attention to, first, the spider queen behind the corpse, and second angle Hunter's arsenal small house box, out of a burning anti- 30% of the jewelry, brush it hard, maybe something like this where the brush. Tong Fuk that clothes brush, preferably 5 to see the Tong Fuk, able to brush after every level.

    Weapons, cruel prefix, you can limit the damage other up nearly doubled, with elemental damage, and finally the atmosphere, one of the strange properties of burning too much, the second side effect is a property not only annoying burning toxic effect is not large. Side effect of most garbage in the case of frozen, could increase resistance to the enemy. And atmospheric elements, SCDKey.com think this one is almost no gas anti-strange game, the second is incidental vertigo very practical, coupled with high lucky, you can talk about knife dizziness, very good.

    I remember when the fighting, and so a few sneak backstab again, a total of three points AP, twice 6AP the case of attack, many times higher than the direct 2AP3 sneak attack damage.

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