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  • Left 4 Dead 2 Consumables Usage Analysis
    Time: Mar. 3, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Players purchase Left 4 Dead 2 Steam CD-Key after entering the game will find, Left 4 Dead 2 in many types of consumables, the impact of the use of different methods of the game is huge, which is reflected in the PVP mode is more obvious. Today SCDKey.com to resolve the next game for the players to several commonly used consumables.

    The first is the use of supplements:

    1. The use of painkillers and medical kits, according to the difficulty of change; general anti, painkillers expensive than medical kits, will not happen 4 individual packages, such as brush package, whole blood as 90 virtual clearance.

    2. High resistance to relative good balance point, compare the average usage.

    3. Expert confrontation, then almost did not see the pain can leave, basically saw're consuming, hit the bag is empty. HP40 is simply the following must be packaged.

    Missiles, although there are a lot of people throw very accurate, but also throw some play time is not good. Perhaps Expert Mode play too long, we should immediately throw; also throw into the escort safety door...

    1. IEDs

    Function: zombie can only control the range of a few seconds, the time to throw in the bin instead of the distance farther the better, not fried zombie will come back to you, the more bile zombie priority to fight soil mine.

    The best time: BOOMER be sprayed about 2.5 seconds, throwing only about 15 yards.

    2. Molotov cocktails

    Function: to create a diameter of 15 yards firewall, to kill zombies, infected burning.

    Best time: is sprayed face closure work when the child, assault, burning TANK, TANK note burning point, do not shake hands, ping at 100 or less, five yards from the front of the shoe is aligned TANK throw shooting Well, SCDKey.com basically had no misses.

    3.BOOMER bile

    Function: Create a diameter of 5 code is bile sputtered region, Zombie will this region blitzed, throw in the special sense of feeling beaten with special effects.

    Best time: basically siege by, the relatively long duration, TANK has been played on the BOOMER spray; brush and dead tide special sense of siege, killing two fell 2 red, no soil conditions; assault case will take time (for example, take Coke).

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