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  • Left 4 Dead 2 PVP Analysis
    Time: Mar. 2, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Compare Left 4 Dead 1 to Left 4 Dead 2, Left 4 Dead 2 has screen bright and bright colors. Today what i say is PVP, to the essence of confrontation simply is teamwork; of course there is no lack of new players, purchase Left 4 Dead 2 Steam CD-Key, just to appreciate toward the survivors of that moment, try too the addiction to die of pleasure.

    Should train confrontation, of course, the first practice humankind, play like infected more powerful, so his teammates talking not easily retreat. Familiar confrontation, first on the basis of customs clearance is to be able to battle, seize terrain, can not fail to recognize even familiar way. So first is the terrain, the level can not familiar with the safety point card points, TANK point, shortcut, must be more utilized. Secondly, the road into the room, then search for supplies, will encounter "mobile home" and "inactive room", activities room both have a window, and no surface 2 infection does not come fully into solid walls. Secondly, it is time to recharge into the room to keep the infection in two countdown best.

    To finally focus on the fight against what is most needed is the synchronization rate! Unlike synchronization rate cooperative, collaborative refers to the reaction and response to emergency situations, and the synchronization rate is on top of this, with respect to the discharge of people, looking to find a mate and then waving the fire wall ax on it. And if it is another to help him off the hook BOOMER then distant fire, SCDKey.com think they Cooperative good; if another blow BOOMER, while teammate and the dash forward, people have to be sprayed behind his teammates, and then move forward together, so synchronization rate came out.

    The synchronization rate is a cooperative based on the sublimation as consciousness. When it comes to consciousness, what is consciousness, in fact, that simple point:

    1. never want to think what the other side!

    2. achieve anything countdown realm!

    3. As one of us to do, to see a cooperative!

    Everyone organize their tactics, but will not necessarily be accepted by other teammates, will be derailed, he feels you run fast, did not sense of team, do you think he is the time delay after the station waiting to die. Further behind the tongue you destroyed half blood, hiding behind a bunker far point, while teammate wants you to hurry. You said to get rid of it.

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