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    Time: Feb. 26, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Many players who bought Devil May Cry Steam CD-Key will find that, Devil May Cry Dante Chapter 2 The truth is in the first place to find their own memories, there are many details need to pay attention to clearance. SCDKey.com today to share details on the Raiders Devil May Cry 2 off for player reference. Dante followed Kate came to the "Mission" and its leaders met Virgil, Virgil said Dante lost what Dante came to him with this one called "Garden of Eden" and tells Dante in this Zhaizi Mansion Limbo Lane has a "truth."

    After entering the scene, the first one on the second floor of "Blood cocoon" to close it, then from the second floor into the door of the goddess, SCDKey.com recommend extra skill points, then put "Jianqi" up the bar. After entering the room, Dante met his father, "Sparta," the portrait, but his face was tore up. This time the fighting, the first stage is very simple strange hybrid, then there will be a demon holding shields, since the beginning of the players not equipped, we can only live to see the opportunity to dodge the attack behind him, otherwise it will be a frontal attack on Georgia block off.

    After holding shields to kill the devil, once again came to the Sparta portraits give the devil a new weapon ax. At this time, the game is very humane reappears holding shields devil let players try to recruit. With the ax, the devil is like a shield to play more, three times with an ax, the enemy will appear coma, which is that it is unable to block, you can use the sword attack skills, can continue to batter with an ax. The second wave of enemies will be more, two holding shields, a few weapon, but also very easy with an ax. After sinking through the floor Zhaizi go back to the hall, continuing a wave destroy the enemy, although there is mixed this demon holding shields, however, hand ax, worry about everything.

    Follow Phantom child upstairs, with an ax destroy traces of red door after entering, in a bedroom, fighting, still holding shields devil, but the terrain and the enemy three small, need to pay attention to dodge. After the battle under the bed to find a wooden sign, after Dante into their consciousness, in this world, as long as the attention away from basic, with jump can be completed, and the first time will be the devil to enter the finger, after Players You can then place a red circle with a small devil will be enough to pull pulling terrain, or pull over to the enemy, but you can also get rid of the devil finger most of the enemy's defenses.

    All the way to jump in the end, after the stone before the stone cut down with an ax blur between Dante saw a woman's figure. Back to Limbo after out, jumped into the fault, you see new tactics trial scene, with a red circle in front of the devil finger pull hook conduct, jump, return to the hall. Just returned to the lobby, the lobby would somehow fragmented, but also the emergence of new enemies holding shields carrion, such a shield flying enemy devil can use fingers to pull over, because the other side a shield to pull it twice, pull over after a burst of slash quickly resolve the fighting.

    Fighting ended, followed by a woman figure go, do not look the way that a few rock like a long distance, in fact, with a simple double jump can be in the past, in front of flashing red ax with it, there is a goddess there is a need players can recharge it. After entering the room Dante found his mother's portrait, the devil continues to occur start fighting it. Here it says, compared to the ax, SCDKey.com in combat tend to use a sword, probably have more favorable impression of Jianqi, so now the face of the devil holding shields, SCDKey.com is to use fingers to pull over in with a sword upward, air combos, because it is safer not easily noticed no other enemies to attack.

    After the battle, Dante get new weapons Hades Angels battle sickle before the portrait of his mother, SCDKey.com that this late in the sickle rather awkward position, because the pre-sickle can be a wide range of attacks, but the players get back darts, etc. after sickle is a little tasteless, scope and control technology did not dart to the force, although it is stronger than the dart attacks, but at that time either ax, fist or sword have been able to "independently" of the. Closer to home, in the early sickle for the players is still very good, and there is a wide range of attack can be the enemy of the floating control technology, use a sickle to harvest soon fell out feed strokes enemy.

    After the battle, came back and blocked the road there is a gap in the wall of blue thorns that hide the entrance can only be used after the strike weapon angels scattered to enter, with a sickle into it, there are a lot of red soul to collect . Came again fragmented hall, like the shadow of his mother entered the door, Dante decided with the past. From the floating stone skipped go all the way, in the last piece of slate with evil devil himself and slate finger to pull over, and then use the ax door.

    After the door one way so it will not get lost, you can damage it undermines it, after entering a room, on the ground Dante found a blue rose, and then again into the subconscious. This time, Dante will get angel fingers, you can use Angel pulled his finger target point, as long as there is a small blue circle where you can use them, the enemy is the same, the angels can pull yourself large the front part of the enemy. This section of the road also allow players more familiar with the use of angel finger, after the destruction of the statue in Dante's memory seems to be more clear.

    Back to Limbo, as expected, "Hey recruit cannon fodder" appears, this time by air, land amphibious assault, the use of flexible finger can be quickly transferred between the two, or no finger is required. After the battle, Dante looked at old photographs of his family, and finally recalled his parents, the sky still remembered her own brother, Virgil. Go out, basically the way you can use the finger point, adjust the viewing angle, utilize two kinds of fingers to reach the destination. Dante and Virgil recognize, Virgil parents narrate tragic end, a dead one is forever exiled.

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