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  • Dark Souls 3 Latest Information Revealed
    Time: Feb. 25, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Before Dark Souls 3 sale anywhere in Japan will be held the first experience, players in Japan can advance to enjoy the unique charm of belonging to the new work, SCDKey.com finishing the game currently known information, to see what the new work, unique content.

    Faris bow: with 2 different exposition soul. Anyway, it is Faris called "hero." Combat skills for the three scattering direction.

    Sun Talisman: Talisman with the Holy Spirit Park 2 of the same thing, but with the sun shield Solal same flag.

    Yu halberd Knight: too far away to see clear exposition, may be measured at net fat knight holding weapons. [Wings executioner?]

    Thallium saw: in die street used things. See very clear and specific way with the blood in that are different.

    Wooden Shield: Mill [female] cannibalism special things. Combat skills Shield.

    Spider Shield: resurrection. Still attached to make poison invalid results. Combat skills is playing back.

    Dark hazy: the effect is, as previously mentioned, it seems that the weapons held by named Yulia. [Immortal legend Street, Yulia ?? die businessman holding a

    knife fight, Yulia also take knives dark hazy]

    Long off Axe: Creighton held items. [Clayton] has become a legend Luo Xiang: ...

    Zheng Scutum: shield garrison but obviously did not involve exposition, will experience a version of it?

    Talisman: White Sect's name appears, as if the Lord God Lloyd's status declined?

    Halberd: You can also purchase the ritual field. Combat skills is a "surprise" (with the same gun)

    Great Sword (Great Sword Dragon Bridge): combat skills: Shelving (straight sword with the same). Style front for a similar feeling. [Big sword combat skills,

    "board"! This is too scary, right! Hybrid sword combat skills with a large sword, "straight to the point", it seems to be classification Big Sword Guards, continuing pvp king status?]

    I forgot the name of the leg armor, expository "imitation only serve a knight goddess", feels a bit like a glittering gold [Roderick] leg armor. Of course, these require players to buy later Dark Souls 3 Steam CD-Key in order to experience.

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